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House cleaner Brisbane offer a professional and specialist Termite and Pest Control Service.  Our reputation is built on over 7 years of providing Brisbane homeowners, with total termite packages, including termite inspection, termite treatments, and termite chemical barriers.

Our pest control services are guaranteed to protect your home from unwanted pests. If you have concerns about termites in your home or just need your pest control brought up-to-date then trust our professional team to look after your home.

Corporate -Pests are a big menace and can make damages to your belongings to a great extent. The damages are even more severe when it comes to the properties of the corporate world.

Industrial – Pests in the various industries can be a matter of the major distress. They are not merely distressing but can cause significant damage to your belongings and spread various diseases and infections.

Residential – Pests in the homes are a potent threat to the security of the children and belongings. It becomes really difficult to get rid of these annoying pests as the allergic chemicals involved in the operation can put the security of your children at the stake.

House cleaner Brisbane offers a variety of treatments for your needs. Our General pest control treatments cover cockroaches, silverfish, webbing spiders, fleas, bedbugs, rats, mice, ants, mosquitos, wasps, and pretty much everything else other than possums and snakes.

We are an experienced pest control company and we pride ourselves on putting the customer first and providing quality guaranteed pest management and control services to all Brisbane.

Specialists in termite treatments, timber pest inspections and general pest management including cockroaches, silverfish, ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, bird-lice, rodents, fly, mice, mosquitoes, possums, and white ants.